I have been competing in agility since 1989!! I first started with a cross breed and my excellent Rough Collie, I have been very successful with quite a few different dogs. At present I compete with my 3 year old Black and White Collie Wych and my American Sable Sheltie, Indiana who will be 4 this April. Indy runs at Grade 7 and Wych is Grade 6.

My partner and I live with 8 dogs altogether, the eldest is Mac who is 14 and the youngest is Mark's pup Tag who is 10 months old. My dogs are kept fit and any injuries are addressed immediately at Woof 'N'Water, a Canine Hyrdrotherapy Centre located in Smethwick in the West Midlands. They are all fed on Pro Plan dog food, which I can highly recommend. There are different varities of food to suit many different needs.

Please browse through my web site, take a look at my dogs' bio pages or have a look in News to see what's happening at the moment.



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