May 11, 2010

IFCS Finals

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Well we are off tomorrow to compete in the IFCS World Championships hosted by UKA, I am starting to look forward to it now the time has arrived.

Wych and Indy will be competing fingers crossed I don’t let either of them down.

Tag has done well recently with me in agility, we won our 1st jumping class at TAG Easter show, not bad as it was the 1st time in competition for the two of us.

We then went off to Lincoln and got 1st and 2nd in a jumping and a win in an agility – so grade 4 he he comes.

He then went onto win another grade 3 jumping at Shrewsbury show.

Indy has done well winning loads of classes and at Beacon he got 6/6 clears he won the Crufts singles, as well as 2 jumping classes and he took the CC again, we think it must be about his 17thCC!! What a star he is.

Wych also got her 1st win in grade 7 at TAG show in an agility and has since then got quite a few 2nd places in 6-7 jumping classes.

Kayos is coming along well he is now over 12 months old and is doing a full height dog walk and a see-saw. His Aframe is coming along well and is at the moment being rested on a baby dog walk leg.

His jumping medium height fences at the moment and seems more than capable at most things I ask from him, I am trying to balance being correct with speed.

His running Aframe is coming along nicely and I hope to have it on the lowest holes in the next few weeks, I have learnt quite a bit from training the other three dogs the Aframe and will definitely be fading the box out before he gets too used to it!

I am still pleased with the other three, we have encountered problems but it hasn’t worried me and I have known why its happened and what I can do to overcome these problems.

Marks work on the house is coming along nicely and he has just finished our fantastic bath room, the shower is like a tardis!!

Hoping to start the outside and get a secure garden for the dogs and some kennels for them during the day to stop our living room looking like a mud bath!

I am loving training at home now it makes things a lot easier esp for the dogs but I do seem to be working harder!! Need more time off!!

March 22, 2010

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Wow what a weekend!! Indy was fabulous and won all of the five events he was in!!

It started on the friday and he won the DFS Singles semi and then the final in the afternoon for two years running!!

We than came back for the championship event on the sunday and they were very testing courses so when you got round perfectly you really felt like you had achieved something! As he won all three of them I was overjoyed!

Well done also to Bernadette and Zen winning the Medium International Event on the thursday and to the Kidderminster medium agility team on winning the final on friday,  a special well done to Stuart Milton and Jodie.

Congrats to Ann and Lucy and Rosie and Spice on getting to the small team final.

And congrats to Aljeana and Amy on doing so well in the small knockout on sunday.

We are now looking forward to the show season starting off with 2 days at TAG show and one day at UKA at Easter, appropriate really my 1st run with Tag will be at TAG show!

See you soon.

January 9, 2010

Happy New Year

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Well Christmas and New Year are now over, we had a lovely relaxing white christmas in our new home in a picture perfect surrounding!

Its still white which means that we are not getting much training done but still having to go to work!

I am looking forward to this year’s agility although we won’t be camping much as Mark will be spending most of the year renovating the house. So I will miss the company but it does mean I get to run Tag this year! So I have already started training him.

Mark will be doing about one show a month, he might be so tired though that he will be asleep all day – no change there then!!!

We do have plans to do DIN this year, I will  just have to insist on that one but no KC fest as its far too big and tiring before a whole week of agility.

I also have to get prepared for the IFCS final, looking forward to it.

Wych will hopefully be having pups later in the year. Tag will most likely be the father of these pups, we won’t be keeping one this time as I had Kayos and the house has taken over but I as she is 4 in March Idon’t want her any older before she has her 1st litter. Mark will be keeping a pup from her 2nd litter, which will give him next year to get to grips with Tag, maybe a lovely red girl!!! That litter won’t be to Tag, I am hoping she will go to my friends dog Clay, but I haven’t mentioned it to her in a while so hope she is still up for it – I’m sure Clay is!

I am looking forward to running Wych in champ classes and my ambition with her would be to get to a final and to do well at the IFCS final.

I would love Indyto qualify for the FCI WC again, after that I am not too worried as last year was very pressurised trying to qualify for the IFCS and this year it would be nice to enjoy agility with not so many pressures.

Well done at Olympia for Spec’s son Dave with Elaine Auty (Wychs brother) in the large senior dog final and for Specs other son Rocky and Hazel Barker (Kayos older brother) for getting to the Novice Dog final. Shame that Greg and Detox didn’t get to the final but I heard they had a great time. So Spec may have retired but his kids are doing a great job.

Good luck this year to all of Specs offsrping and all the the Obay shelties now on the scene. I hope to see you at the shows if the snow stops!

November 3, 2009

Moved at last!

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Well I moved in 4 weeks ago! Seems to have flown by but have been very busy settling in and strimming the paddock!

We managed to get a sit on mower and give the training area a long cut but its not quite the right time of year for mowing and now its started raining on a more permanent basis who know when I can start training at home!

Indy and Wych’s retraining of their A frame to a running contact is going well and next week I will start training them on a full height A frame!

Otherwise they are resting from agility and have been for over a month now. Wych came into season! Over 3.5 months early so I have no idea when she will come in next!

Tag and Spec where very naughty in their attentions to her – and after only moving in 2 days before she came in things were a bit hectic to say the least!

Its a lovely house and its great to be able to just walk out with the dogs and go for hours walking. They have lakes to swim in and forests to run around.

I can’t wait till I can train in the back garden as well! But at least my training is only 5 mins drive away. So I can get some lunch and leave the dogs at home when I’m at work!

Kayos is growing – basically his huge. He looks so like Mac its scary at times, he has a lovely dopey expression that I just love.

His training is going well although he struggles to cope with dogs that are barking and very excited at the moment. I have my plan of attack ready and we are in the process of dealing with it, I’m sure he will be fine eventually.

Tag has been coming along brilliantly although no clear rounds from him yet! He gets overexcited at times and forgets his brain – esp on jumps – again once Mark can work him more often then I’m sure his brain will engage properly.

Our house is on the market now but no interested parties as yet – hopefully soon!

October 2, 2009

October already!

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Well its been a very busy September.

Indy qualified for Olympia in December, we will enjoy running there as always.

We had the World Championships and had a great time. Indy had some good runs and uncharacteristic mistakes – oh well another time maybe.

Well done to Bernadette and Natasha come 5th and 1st in the medium event. What runs they both had:)

We made the long drive home safely and had a few days to rest, well I did Mark had to go to work! We then got the keys to the new house!!

The dogs are going to love it, in the middle of the woods with 1000 of acres to walk and pools to swim or paddle in and of course the 2 fields they can train and be silly in, hopefully not at the same time!

Wych got two wins at Vegas show and won into grade 7, yippee!

Tag had his 1st show and got all his contacts and worked really well, although no clear round I’m sure his future will be bright.

Kayos is growing up and is a very funny dog, his so much like his mum, Spice. His training, although not done much recently, is coming on well his very responsive and co-ordinated. His very solidly built and is bigger than Wych already! He will be 5 months old on sunday, doesn’t time fly.

Thanks to Dennis Bay for his videos and pictures at the World Championships, all greatly appreciated.

Off to Lune tomorrow so hoping that Tag has some good runs for Mark and maybe Cody could win a couple and go grade 7! He got a win at Wigan with him, so are perfectly capable.

September 4, 2009

Not long now…….

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Well its been 3 weeks since I lost Mac and I have started to come to terms with it, got to focus on whats happening at the moment with the family I have now.

Indy and I are at the Olympia semis tomorrow, so fingers crossed we get there this year.

Wych and I are at the pairs final on sunday with Jo Rhodes and Ti.

Wych got another grade 6 agility win at Dashing Dogs so half way there! I really hope she gets those other 2 wins over the winter as she is ready for the challenges of grade 7 and has really speeded up and improved over this year.

Kayos is getting erally big and already has loads of power, such a broad chest! He does remind me of a little pig with short hair!

He has such the sweetest face though and his co-ordination is spot on.

Only 2 weeks to go till the WC!! No training this week because of the rain! But I think we are ready!

The house move is moving forwards, I think, as it can be hard to tell sometimes. We have changed the house we want though due to time wasting and now we are focusing on the house Mark and I fell in love with early last year!

Maybe when we get back from Austria it won’t be long after.

Hopefully next time I post again I will have some really good news!!

August 12, 2009

Thanks everyone

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Thanks to everyone for your kind messages.

He didn’t want to go which really made it worse as I felt like I betrayed him, I know I didn’t, but thats not how I felt.

My friend Karen managed to put it in a different way for me that is making me feel slightly better.

“Its not that he didn’t want to go just that he didn’t want to leave you, like you didn’t want him to go” It makes me sad as well but in a slightly better way – if thats possible!

The show at the weekend will be tough as never been camping without him in nearly 15 years! I even think we started in a tent together!

Trying to focus on the house move – if it ever arrives – and the rest of my guys who need me too.

Trying to make the most of everyday as thats how it should be, but there will never be enough time no matter how long we have.

Kayos is lovely and his so silly he really makes me smile – there is so much in him that reminds me of Mac.

Thanks again everyone and see you all soon.


August 10, 2009

Lots of News and a very sad day

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Well since I last blogged lots of things have happened.

Indy was injured from falling down a hole while out walking, just 10 days before the World Champ qualifiers, well with a bit of help from Lee at Woof N Water we managed to get him fit and he won the small height category so off to Austria in September. He then slipped in a wet tunnel and hurt another part of his leg the week before the EO!!! Damn it.

Well we went but he was sore throughout the event, so we were a couple of secs down on our usual performance which cost us many a place, but he was still a fab boy only getting docked on the see-saw which was a hard call and in the UK would never have got faulted! Oh well.

Kayos is settling in well, he is lovely and laid back yet has an on switch, so like his relative Mac.

After the EO we went straight to the UKA week where I hurt my other ankle!! Thanfully it recovered well and I got to the Nationals final with both Indy and Wych. Indy missed his 1st ever A frame! Wych got a good clear and got 3rd! I was pleased esp by the end of the week both Indy and Wych are in the lead for their height group in the IFCS qualifiers!

Not bad as Indy can’t have been 100% and he was on the med height group, which he is not so good on.

Now to the saddest knews, my Mac has gone down hill and unfortunately its time we said our good byes so we are off to the vets for the final time in a few hours. CAn’t read this as I’mcrying so much, my heart is breaking, he lies next to me as I write this. I can’t believe he will only be a memory soon.

He has been there forever and we have shared some of the best times, he has been there for me when life was shit. I was there when he 1st opened his eyes and I will be there when the life dims from his eyes. I love him so much and will miss him so much that it hurts.

It whats best for him now, although occasionally he still looks at me with that look that he has done for nearly 15 years, I don;t what it to stop……

My heart will will never heal from this loss although it will grow numb and yes I want to remember him  the way he was but I don’t want him to go at all…..


Life is so hard and no matter how much you know this time will come for everything and everyone, you can never seem to have enough time with them.

June 24, 2009

Kayos comes home!

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Well his home and Kayos is fantastic!

Can’t believe what a wonderful puppy he is, we are going to and already have had lots of fun!

Tag is his big buddy that he palys with loads.

Kayos is fitting in with the rest of the pack and his Dad doesn’t hate him so much now! He is learning lots of things and loves tugging! He has started his hand touch, givings paws, sitting, lefts and right and his first experience at shaping today was amazing.

A got a box and shaped some behaviour towards it and on the 3rd attempt he had front paws on top of it!

Bless – still trying to download a picture! Not doing so well with this website and blog!

Tags 2 x 2 is going brill he had about 14 sessions and his working with 4 poles about 4 feet apart which is about to get closer tonight!

He is also about to do his 1st full height aframe! His see-saw will now be worked at from only a small table – he stands on the table and runs down to the ground (the high end of the see-saw is above the table).

15 months old, not long before his UKA show!

The house is going through pretty quick so we are thinking maybe the end of July for moving! 🙂

I have started the procedure for re-training both Indy and Wych for a running aframe, the main part of this training will happen in the  winter though.

Ankle still painful! Got a support for it now but not happy with it especially with the Royal Canin final this weekend and the FCI WC qualifiers in 3 weeks and the EO final in 4 wks!!!

Wish me luck!


June 14, 2009

Wow what a week!!

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Well I think I’m so overwelmed not sure I know how to react!!

Wych won her first grade 6 agility class and was faster than the winner of the grade 7!! This was at Cartmel – the most fab show!

We went to see the pups!! They are all brilliant-Kayos is gorgeous!! Can’t wait to have hime home – hope that he is all that I imagine him to be but I can guarantee that he will be adored whatever!

Mac is still going – very thin but ok – bloods only showed low protein so waiting on his urine test -he loved being out at the paddock the other day playing ball!

Hurt my ankle even more at Otley – it started at Nottingham – an old injury- but made worse at Otley. I wasn’t even running just walking to the van!! Oh well no show for a couple of weeks – will try and get Mark working Indy towards the EO final!!

My new dog walk and see saw going well.

I think the pictures I have posted have come out! Welcome to Kayos – hopefully- Born into Kayos as his KC name. We are neally at signing on the new house – 5.7 acres here we come!!

Tags Aframe is still ace – onto full height next week! Then fading it out and introducing obstacles after the aframe.

I have started training Wych with the box and its going ok so far.

Tags 1st session on the 2×2 weave training! Well wow is all I can say. He went straight through them and after the 1st session is picking up angles wherever I am!! What a star.

Maybe I should steal him from Mark!!

I can’t till I go part time – so tired and sooooo unfit. There is a gym and pool next door almost and a vet – if it the house goes through ok! What more could I want!

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