June 24, 2009

Kayos comes home!

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Well his home and Kayos is fantastic!

Can’t believe what a wonderful puppy he is, we are going to and already have had lots of fun!

Tag is his big buddy that he palys with loads.

Kayos is fitting in with the rest of the pack and his Dad doesn’t hate him so much now! He is learning lots of things and loves tugging! He has started his hand touch, givings paws, sitting, lefts and right and his first experience at shaping today was amazing.

A got a box and shaped some behaviour towards it and on the 3rd attempt he had front paws on top of it!

Bless – still trying to download a picture! Not doing so well with this website and blog!

Tags 2 x 2 is going brill he had about 14 sessions and his working with 4 poles about 4 feet apart which is about to get closer tonight!

He is also about to do his 1st full height aframe! His see-saw will now be worked at from only a small table – he stands on the table and runs down to the ground (the high end of the see-saw is above the table).

15 months old, not long before his UKA show!

The house is going through pretty quick so we are thinking maybe the end of July for moving! šŸ™‚

I have started the procedure for re-training both Indy and Wych for a running aframe, the main part of this training will happen in theĀ  winter though.

Ankle still painful! Got a support for it now but not happy with it especially with the Royal Canin final this weekend and the FCI WC qualifiers in 3 weeks and the EO final in 4 wks!!!

Wish me luck!


June 14, 2009

Wow what a week!!

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Well I think I’m so overwelmed not sure I know how to react!!

Wych won her first grade 6 agility class and was faster than the winner of the grade 7!! This was at Cartmel – the most fab show!

We went to see the pups!! They are all brilliant-Kayos is gorgeous!! Can’t wait to have hime home – hope that he is all that I imagine him to be but I can guarantee that he will be adored whatever!

Mac is still going – very thin but ok – bloods only showed low protein so waiting on his urine test -he loved being out at the paddock the other day playing ball!

Hurt my ankle even more at Otley – it started at Nottingham – an old injury- but made worse at Otley. I wasn’t even running just walking to the van!! Oh well no show for a couple of weeks – will try and get Mark working Indy towards the EO final!!

My new dog walk and see saw going well.

I think the pictures I have posted haveĀ come out! Welcome to Kayos – hopefully- Born into Kayos as his KCĀ name. WeĀ are neally at signing on the new house – 5.7 acres here we come!!

Tags Aframe is still ace – onto full height next week! Then fading it out and introducing obstacles after the aframe.

I have started training Wych with the box and its going ok so far.

Tags 1st session on the 2×2 weave training! Well wow is all I can say. He went straight through them and after the 1st session is picking up angles wherever I am!! What a star.

Maybe I should steal him from Mark!!

I can’t till I go part time – so tired and sooooo unfit. There is a gym and pool next door almost and a vet – if it the house goes through ok! What more could I want!

June 1, 2009

Been busy…….

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I have been very busy recently, we have had a couple of day shows – Worcester and Nottingham and then the last weekend at Hinckley which is a always a fantastic show and this year was no exception at a new venue and lovely weather!

Worcester was ok, a bit wet but thankfully we avoided the heavy downpours and were home by 3.30 so got the chance to go to the cinema and see Star Trek! Which was brill!

Indy won two of the classes he was in and Wych got an unplaced clear – Mark managed a 9th in that class with Cody.

We then both failed in the next two classes, so not such a good result.

Nottingham was good show, not so good to run on and since then my ankle has been hurting and swollen! Must put my feet up this week!! I would be so lucky!

Nottingham was good, Wych got a 3rd place in her grade 6 jumping and Indy won his Crufts qualifying class and won all his champ heats and then the final!What a star he is.

Mark drove there so was able to drink in the afternoon and then slept all the way home and evening!

Sunday was a lovely relaxing day at home with lovely sunshine, we also went to the cinema again to see Angels and Demons which was excellent as well.

Hinckley was great lovely weather and a chance to relax, my ankle was a bit sore still.

Indy got a 2nd in the Crufts and EO qualifier which was my priority, he flew round the champ jumping and did a fantastic run until the last but one jump when he mistimed and took off far to early and crashed into the pole and came out limping!

So I withdrew him from the agility round, Jeanette Tandy had a fantastic run in the final and won the ticket. Alan Gardner and Jude won the medium – about time! The large ticket was won by Lee Windeatt and Bold, there were many fantastic runs in this final.

Wych had a great weekend, she got a 2nd in the grade 5/6 jumping and a 12th in the 6/7 Jumpiing – both runs were very complicated and she ran them beautifully. She also got a clear in the crufts agility but I fell over at the end so it seriously slowed us up!

On the sunday Indy loooked sound so I did a training run in the agility and Mark ran him and got 2nd in the jumping – his running him in the champ at Newton Heath so he wanted some practice!

Indy looks ok now but will get him checked out at the physio tonight.

Wych had another 2 clears – so no mistakes in her runs this weekend. She got a 20th in the KC Olympia qualifier on a tough course which she ran brilliantly and less than a second behind Lee Windeatt and Shy. She was unplaced in the other agility it was a fast course with many clears.

Well done to Hazel Barker and Rocky on getting 2nd in the Olympia Novice qualifier and it wasĀ  her last chance!

Looking forward to Cartmel this weekend and going to see my new pup Kayos so doubly can’t wait!

No news on the house front yet still plodding along as they do!


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