August 12, 2009

Thanks everyone

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Thanks to everyone for your kind messages.

He didn’t want to go which really made it worse as I felt like I betrayed him, I know I didn’t, but thats not how I felt.

My friend Karen managed to put it in a different way for me that is making me feel slightly better.

“Its not that he didn’t want to go just that he didn’t want to leave you, like you didn’t want him to go” It makes me sad as well but in a slightly better way – if thats possible!

The show at the weekend will be tough as never been camping without him in nearly 15 years! I even think we started in a tent together!

Trying to focus on the house move – if it ever arrives – and the rest of my guys who need me too.

Trying to make the most of everyday as thats how it should be, but there will never be enough time no matter how long we have.

Kayos is lovely and his so silly he really makes me smile – there is so much in him that reminds me of Mac.

Thanks again everyone and see you all soon.


August 10, 2009

Lots of News and a very sad day

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Well since I last blogged lots of things have happened.

Indy was injured from falling down a hole while out walking, just 10 days before the World Champ qualifiers, well with a bit of help from Lee at Woof N Water we managed to get him fit and he won the small height category so off to Austria in September. He then slipped in a wet tunnel and hurt another part of his leg the week before the EO!!! Damn it.

Well we went but he was sore throughout the event, so we were a couple of secs down on our usual performance which cost us many a place, but he was still a fab boy only getting docked on the see-saw which was a hard call and in the UK would never have got faulted! Oh well.

Kayos is settling in well, he is lovely and laid back yet has an on switch, so like his relative Mac.

After the EO we went straight to the UKA week where I hurt my other ankle!! Thanfully it recovered well and I got to the Nationals final with both Indy and Wych. Indy missed his 1st ever A frame! Wych got a good clear and got 3rd! I was pleased esp by the end of the week both Indy and Wych are in the lead for their height group in the IFCS qualifiers!

Not bad as Indy can’t have been 100% and he was on the med height group, which he is not so good on.

Now to the saddest knews, my Mac has gone down hill and unfortunately its time we said our good byes so we are off to the vets for the final time in a few hours. CAn’t read this as I’mcrying so much, my heart is breaking, he lies next to me as I write this. I can’t believe he will only be a memory soon.

He has been there forever and we have shared some of the best times, he has been there for me when life was shit. I was there when he 1st opened his eyes and I will be there when the life dims from his eyes. I love him so much and will miss him so much that it hurts.

It whats best for him now, although occasionally he still looks at me with that look that he has done for nearly 15 years, I don;t what it to stop……

My heart will will never heal from this loss although it will grow numb and yes I want to remember him  the way he was but I don’t want him to go at all…..


Life is so hard and no matter how much you know this time will come for everything and everyone, you can never seem to have enough time with them.

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