September 4, 2009

Not long now…….

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Well its been 3 weeks since I lost Mac and I have started to come to terms with it, got to focus on whats happening at the moment with the family I have now.

Indy and I are at the Olympia semis tomorrow, so fingers crossed we get there this year.

Wych and I are at the pairs final on sunday with Jo Rhodes and Ti.

Wych got another grade 6 agility win at Dashing Dogs so half way there! I really hope she gets those other 2 wins over the winter as she is ready for the challenges of grade 7 and has really speeded up and improved over this year.

Kayos is getting erally big and already has loads of power, such a broad chest! He does remind me of a little pig with short hair!

He has such the sweetest face though and his co-ordination is spot on.

Only 2 weeks to go till the WC!! No training this week because of the rain! But I think we are ready!

The house move is moving forwards, I think, as it can be hard to tell sometimes. We have changed the house we want though due to time wasting and now we are focusing on the house Mark and I fell in love with early last year!

Maybe when we get back from Austria it won’t be long after.

Hopefully next time I post again I will have some really good news!!

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