November 3, 2009

Moved at last!

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Well I moved in 4 weeks ago! Seems to have flown by but have been very busy settling in and strimming the paddock!

We managed to get a sit on mower and give the training area a long cut but its not quite the right time of year for mowing and now its started raining on a more permanent basis who know when I can start training at home!

Indy and Wych’s retraining of their A frame to a running contact is going well and next week I will start training them on a full height A frame!

Otherwise they are resting from agility and have been for over a month now. Wych came into season! Over 3.5 months early so I have no idea when she will come in next!

Tag and Spec where very naughty in their attentions to her – and after only moving in 2 days before she came in things were a bit hectic to say the least!

Its a lovely house and its great to be able to just walk out with the dogs and go for hours walking. They have lakes to swim in and forests to run around.

I can’t wait till I can train in the back garden as well! But at least my training is only 5 mins drive away. So I can get some lunch and leave the dogs at home when I’m at work!

Kayos is growing – basically his huge. He looks so like Mac its scary at times, he has a lovely dopey expression that I just love.

His training is going well although he struggles to cope with dogs that are barking and very excited at the moment. I have my plan of attack ready and we are in the process of dealing with it, I’m sure he will be fine eventually.

Tag has been coming along brilliantly although no clear rounds from him yet! He gets overexcited at times and forgets his brain – esp on jumps – again once Mark can work him more often then I’m sure his brain will engage properly.

Our house is on the market now but no interested parties as yet – hopefully soon!

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