August 12, 2009

Thanks everyone

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Thanks to everyone for your kind messages.

He didn’t want to go which really made it worse as I felt like I betrayed him, I know I didn’t, but thats not how I felt.

My friend Karen managed to put it in a different way for me that is making me feel slightly better.

“Its not that he didn’t want to go just that he didn’t want to leave you, like you didn’t want him to go” It makes me sad as well but in a slightly better way – if thats possible!

The show at the weekend will be tough as never been camping without him in nearly 15 years! I even think we started in a tent together!

Trying to focus on the house move – if it ever arrives – and the rest of my guys who need me too.

Trying to make the most of everyday as thats how it should be, but there will never be enough time no matter how long we have.

Kayos is lovely and his so silly he really makes me smile – thereĀ is so much in him that reminds me of Mac.

Thanks again everyone and see you all soon.


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