January 9, 2010

Happy New Year

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Well Christmas and New Year are now over, we had a lovely relaxing white christmas in our new home in a picture perfect surrounding!

Its still white which means that we are not getting much training done but still having to go to work!

I am looking forward to this year’s agility although we won’t be camping much as Mark will be spending most of the year renovating the house. So I will miss the company but it does mean I get to run Tag this year! So I have already started training him.

Mark will be doing about one show a month, he might be so tired though that he will be asleep all day – no change there then!!!

We do have plans to do DIN this year, I will  just have to insist on that one but no KC fest as its far too big and tiring before a whole week of agility.

I also have to get prepared for the IFCS final, looking forward to it.

Wych will hopefully be having pups later in the year. Tag will most likely be the father of these pups, we won’t be keeping one this time as I had Kayos and the house has taken over but I as she is 4 in March Idon’t want her any older before she has her 1st litter. Mark will be keeping a pup from her 2nd litter, which will give him next year to get to grips with Tag, maybe a lovely red girl!!! That litter won’t be to Tag, I am hoping she will go to my friends dog Clay, but I haven’t mentioned it to her in a while so hope she is still up for it – I’m sure Clay is!

I am looking forward to running Wych in champ classes and my ambition with her would be to get to a final and to do well at the IFCS final.

I would love Indyto qualify for the FCI WC again, after that I am not too worried as last year was very pressurised trying to qualify for the IFCS and this year it would be nice to enjoy agility with not so many pressures.

Well done at Olympia for Spec’s son Dave with Elaine Auty (Wychs brother) in the large senior dog final and for Specs other son Rocky and Hazel Barker (Kayos older brother) for getting to the Novice Dog final. Shame that Greg and Detox didn’t get to the final but I heard they had a great time. So Spec may have retired but his kids are doing a great job.

Good luck this year to all of Specs offsrping and all the the Obay shelties now on the scene. I hope to see you at the shows if the snow stops!

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