June 1, 2009

Been busy…….

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I have been very busy recently, we have had a couple of day shows – Worcester and Nottingham and then the last weekend at Hinckley which is a always a fantastic show and this year was no exception at a new venue and lovely weather!

Worcester was ok, a bit wet but thankfully we avoided the heavy downpours and were home by 3.30 so got the chance to go to the cinema and see Star Trek! Which was brill!

Indy won two of the classes he was in and Wych got an unplaced clear – Mark managed a 9th in that class with Cody.

We then both failed in the next two classes, so not such a good result.

Nottingham was good show, not so good to run on and since then my ankle has been hurting and swollen! Must put my feet up this week!! I would be so lucky!

Nottingham was good, Wych got a 3rd place in her grade 6 jumping and Indy won his Crufts qualifying class and won all his champ heats and then the final!What a star he is.

Mark drove there so was able to drink in the afternoon and then slept all the way home and evening!

Sunday was a lovely relaxing day at home with lovely sunshine, we also went to the cinema again to see Angels and Demons which was excellent as well.

Hinckley was great lovely weather and a chance to relax, my ankle was a bit sore still.

Indy got a 2nd in the Crufts and EO qualifier which was my priority, he flew round the champ jumping and did a fantastic run until the last but one jump when he mistimed and took off far to early and crashed into the pole and came out limping!

So I withdrew him from the agility round, Jeanette Tandy had a fantastic run in the final and won the ticket. Alan Gardner and Jude won the medium – about time! The large ticket was won by Lee Windeatt and Bold, there were many fantastic runs in this final.

Wych had a great weekend, she got a 2nd in the grade 5/6 jumping and a 12th in the 6/7 Jumpiing – both runs were very complicated and she ran them beautifully. She also got a clear in the crufts agility but I fell over at the end so it seriously slowed us up!

On the sunday Indy loooked sound so I did a training run in the agility and Mark ran him and got 2nd in the jumping – his running him in the champ at Newton Heath so he wanted some practice!

Indy looks ok now but will get him checked out at the physio tonight.

Wych had another 2 clears – so no mistakes in her runs this weekend. She got a 20th in the KC Olympia qualifier on a tough course which she ran brilliantly and less than a second behind Lee Windeatt and Shy. She was unplaced in the other agility it was a fast course with many clears.

Well done to Hazel Barker and Rocky on getting 2nd in the Olympia Novice qualifier and it was  her last chance!

Looking forward to Cartmel this weekend and going to see my new pup Kayos so doubly can’t wait!

No news on the house front yet still plodding along as they do!


May 17, 2009


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Well our show went well, I think, it was hard work especially on the saturday and we had good weather. Mark and I were so tired on saturday evening though that we couldn’t even make it out for a drink!

Indy was a good boy again, he won the Champ again! Under Alan Bray this time and he certainly made me run at one point! Indy also got a jumping win, we got the big E in the Crufts singles run but I have to say I was getting very tired by then and the focus wasn’t there!

Wych on the sunday got a 2nd in the grade 6 agility and 4th in the EO combined 6/7, I was over the moon as her times were incredibly close to the top places and grade 7 dogs!

Mark got a 6th in the jumping with Cody, I fell over in that!

I have had my part time hours agreed from September! I won’t be working on wednesdays or thursdays! Can’t wait! I will then have no excuse for getting photos and videos onto here!

My parents have had an offer on their house! We are having a 2nd viewing on the property we like so fingers crossed!

Kayos, which is how I’ve decided to spell it, is growing. Eyes should be open soon and then maybe soom more photos!

Tag’s see-saw training has started again, just teaching him the rebound first,, his A frame is brilliant! Now going to get Mark to start doing it as well, I will introduce anything knew and once he has it Mark can take over.

Supposed to be at Worcester on saturday, unless its torrential rain! Got to get home early though as we are off for an Indian and the cinema to watch Star Trek! Can’t wait.

May 6, 2009

UKA/Vyne and pups arrive!

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Well it was my birthday on the thursday before UKA and my wonderful friends bought me two big birthday cakes, thanks for that guys it was such a lovely thought.

UKA went well, Wych and Indy got more good runs towards their IFCS qualifications so thats one less thing to worry about. Only one more snooker qualifying run to get for Wych and then just the Canin finals for both and the UKA Nationals final plus the games head to head!

Mark and Cody had a few good runs but a couple of not so good runs! Rags got loads of clears as did Spec – up the casual dogs!!

Dave and Rocky were great – although not so good waits! A pattern seems to be emerging with Dave’s dogs! But Rocky was amazing and some of the times he was producing were brilliant!

Shaun and Phix also qualified for the Beginneers Steeplechase final, I know they have been planning this for awile and so pleased they got it. Hannah and Zazzy also qualified for this final and what runs I did see her do where very nice.

Vyne was much colder than UKA, so instead of sun burn I got wind chill! Indy won a couple of classes and got to the Champ final, which he won the little super star! Dawn and Puzzle got the Reserve, and I was so glad he didn’t get blown off the dog walk!

Well done to Natasha and Dizzy for the medium Champ and Dave and Dobby for the Large champ, great result all round!

Wych was a good girl and got two lovely clears in her jumping and agility – not sure where she ended up but she is trying so hard for me thats whats important. She got E’d in the KC qualify as she didn’t come through the gap to the tunnel but I gave her the wrong command! It is weird though as I have always used the come command to pull between obstacles and I have never done anything different with Wych but she won’t repsond to that command only her name! I try and remember but after 20 years of using one command, uner stress I reverted to that one!

Mark and Cody had two stunning runs in his agility classes even falling over he worked ace – not sure what he had put in his tea that morning! But he did borrow some sugar from Dave so maybe that’s the secret!

Spice had her pups on sunday night/monday morning, only three though which was a surprise but mom and pups are doing well.

There is a black and white bitch who looks so cute! That will be staying with Dave I think. Then the were two boys a red boy and a black boy! So guess which one is coming home to me!!

Yes you got it the red boy, who has a lovely white blaze but is dark red and has lots of colour over the rest of his body – just like his Dad!!

I still haven’t sorted out how to post pictures, not that I have had a lot of time to work it out, but I will try!

The other balck and white boy who is slightly smaller and has more white on him, like his mom is destined for Chris Cole should he choose to accept the challenge!

Oh well thats it for me for the moment, got our show to run this weekend – Beacon, so all hands to the pump!

April 22, 2009

EO Qualifiers

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Well the end result was good for us, we qualified after winning 3/4 classes.

The agility courses were very european with tunnel under the dog walk and the weave entrance right next to the tunnel entrance. This caused quite a few problems.

However, Indy handled like a pro and I was well chuffed. We got the big E in the first class, jumping, in my opinion it wasn’t very european but it had lots of pull throughs and having to bypass other obstacles to get to another obstacle, not my cup of tea.

Indy went really well round the course but at the end there was just too many obstacles to bypass and we ran out of steam. Oh well.

I do want to go know but we really would like to be able to make our own way there. I hate going on coaches it so long winded and cramped.

Its more fun having a ‘road trip’ with some good friends! We are also starting the UKA week  show on the tuesday after the EO, so if we can travel on our own we can go straight to the show from the port. Mark is going to be good enough to take the caravan to the show and set up and I will meet him there.

The people that qualified were also a fun lot so we should have a good time but especially well done to Grandma Obay, Bernadette and Zen for qualifying, Dave and the wonderful Libby ‘Princess’, Greg and GT (got that photo yet for farmers weekly!), Anne Marie and Scud and Dave and Dobby.

We should have a great time and the hotel is only 11 miles from the venue!! Bonus!

I got to see Spice who has grown quite a bit!! She was so clingy she sat on her haunches and wrapped her front legs around mine! Bless she is so adorable. However she did think she could still do agility even with only two weeks to go!

I have put my part time hour request in today! Fingers crossed, although if agreed it may not start till September.

I will try and find time over the weekend to add photo’s and video photoage! I’m so busy all the time that I never get chance to do anything!

April 17, 2009

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This will be my first post on my blog! Not sure whether I am doing it right yet!

Then I have to learn to post pictures and video clips!!

Well it seems to be working ok!

I have the European Open Qualifier tomorrow with Indy! Not sure whether I actually want to go, we may have to fund ourselves but this hasn’t been confirmed yet.

So if we have t fund the EO we will have to fund the FCI as well, I have to qualify for both yet but I do prefer the FCI, I don’t get wet as its inside and can run better on carpet!

It will be good experience for us both and fun to watch everyone else trying out and its only an hours drive max away!

Spec’s last litter is due in about 2 weeks, Spice is getting very big! Poor girl. I am very excited to see what she has.

Tag did his first complete low running A-frame the other night! To start with his legs were everywhere and he did miss one contact completely! But the last one was perfect – two hits and with all four feet in the contact zone.

I have found with  Tag that the first time we change what we are doing i.e putting him on the aframe above the contact, then the behaviour isn’t quite what we want but by the 2nd training session his well under way.

My parents have had two viewings booked to see their house! Fingers crossed the get an offer. We are attempting to sell both our properties so we can get somewhere bigger with land for the dogs and the training!

I am still working on work to let me go part time, I want to drop 2 days at work  so I have more time for myself and my dogs and so I can set up my training.

We had a great Easter at UKA, the venue was great although the ground was very hard for me and I ended up quite stiff! Just recovering now!

Indy and Wych won quite a few and got their qualifing runs for the IFCS tryouts. Wych had a problem understanding pull throughs and coming to me when I changed my arm! Now nick named Wych “pull through” Garrett!

Our training over this week has consisted in pull through training, after a few words we are now working on the same page! We also tried the difficult tunnel dog walk combination and then round the back of a fence combination that was in a champ UKA agility course.

Indy nailed it on competition wonderfully Wych had no idea. Again after a few words at training and breaking the exercise down we had it nailed, she even responded to changing which direction she took the fence.

I will try and post the combination but that may take a while for me to work out!!

I am looking forward to having sunday off and looking at some possible new houses and getting a rest! Hopefully the weather will be good!

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