Senior Dog Hearing and eye tested at 6 weeks My young hopeful, born December 2001; he still has a long way to go. Visit us again to keep up to date with his progress!

2002 NEWS! Cody has grown into a lovely young dog who is a very willing worker. I have only just started his basic agility training but his progress is good so far.

2003 NEWS Cody has now begun his agility career. He is a bit on the steady side, but as he enjoys it, hopefully he will get faster with maturity and experience. He had an excellent time at Dogs in Need getting 6 clear rounds and qualifying for the Novice Classic final - his first final! He also achieved his first top ten place gaining a 5th in Novice Agility.

2004 News Cody has enjoyed his winter break from the competition ring, we have been improving his agility skills at Beacon agility club. There he has improved and built his confidence on all the equipment. With this has come his speed. I wouldn't say his the fastest thing on four legs but its coming together, anyway his brother Spliffy, has got enough speed and manic excitement for the both of them. Cody is continuing with obtaining clear rounds in most of his runs, he is now achieving more and more top ten placings. In the last two shows he has obtained a 9th, 7th and a 6th in Novice agility/jumping. I must say that his finest achievement was a 9th place in Intermediate Jumping, his first place where I have been able to judge him against the more experienced dogs. He was just under a second behind the top few places. I am now aiming for a top three place and a trophy. Fingers crossed. Cody has just won his first class at Shrewsbury show, he won Novice Jumping and to top it all he got 3rd in the CSJ Novice Agility and has qualified for the final. What a star. Cody has obtained his Senior Status after winning Novice Agility at Nottingham. I am very proud of him and I'm sure his ready for the challenges of Senior classes. Cody qualified for and obtained a creditable 7th place in the final of the Novice Grand National.

2005 News Cody has qualified for the KC Olympia Semi Finals in July, he gained a very creditable 11th place in the qualifiers. The following weekend he also gained a 2nd and 5th place in Intermediate Jumping/Agility classes. I am really pleased at how he is progressing, he is definitely getting faster. I will be taking him to the World Championships Qualifiers. The aim is to give him experience working in a different environment on carpet. Cody had an amazing time at the World Championship qualifiers and at his first attempt has qualified to compete in the individual event. I am amazed but overjoyed at his success. This was the first time Cody had competed on carpet in an environment like that. He just loved it and he was great on the carpet with no slipping at all. He will be in training now for the challenges of the European courses. Cody really enjoyed the whole of the World Championship atmosphere. He had no problem with the European style courses, including the really tough final agility course. The only problem he had was with the frame tyre in the Jumping course. We don't use that type of tyre in the UK anymore and with his inexperience he ran through the side in his first jumping run, we were on the final run home and we didn't have time to correct the mistake. He made up for it in his final run, he ran a tough course extremely well and I'm very proud of him. Cody's brother, Spliff, who is trained and owned by my partner Mark Wassell has unfortunately been diagnosed with an oral tumour. This has been tested and it is malignant. After specialist consultation he has had part of his lower jaw removed. We are all now keeping our fingers crossed that this happy and young dog does not have a re-occurance of this awful disease. Cody wishes his bro a speedy recovery. It was with great sadness that we had to put Spliff to sleep on the 1st June 2006. He has left a huge gap in our lives and hearts, he will be missed by all those that new him epecially Mark and myself and of course his brother Cody and his mate Rags. Sleep well big man until we meet again. Cody has been handed over to Mark to run, as he only has Rags now. I still run him in the pairs competitions with my pairs partner Jo Rhodes. We qualified for the Pedigree Pairs Relay event, this time he was running with Jo's AG Ch Moravia The Ci. After all these years we managed to win it!!! So Cody has won his 1st major final, I'm very proud of him for achieving two great runs at this event. Especially as we don't run together very often. Thanks to Jo Rhodes and Ci for making this win possible.

2007 News Mark and Cody are having a good season they have had three second places in grade 6 classes, so close yet so far! They have qualified for the UKA Royal Canin final which will be held at the end of June. Cody has come on in leaps and bounds he has got pretty fast now and just loves doign agility. FAr cry from when he started! He obviously enjoys Mark's very laid back approach to it all!!

2009 News Unfortunately Cody was diagnosed with HD last year so he never ran again after the end of June. He has been swimming ever since every week and with some rest the inflammation has gone down, so his enjoying some training every week on low fences. We have decided with the advice of his physio to contine with his competitive agility this year. So as long as he can cope from training at medium height fences and then compteting at large height we will work him in the summer in a couple of classes a day as long as its not slippy.