Senior Dog Fox successfully managed to win her way into Senior, qualifying for a couple of finals along the way. Unfortunately, she dislikes the competition ring, as she does not like being the centre of attention. Following an accident, I retired her from competitive agility, but she enjoys her weekly training session. She has taught me a lot about training and understanding collies, as she is a very complex and highly sensitive dog on occasions. She now concentrates on her favourite pastime of swimming and keeping Spectre fit.

2002 NEWS! After having over 12 months rest I started training her again and then competing in 2002 again. She has shown an amazing attitude towards agility which she didn't have 12 months before. It just shows what a little rest can do. Since she began competing again she has amazed me by winning Intermediate Agility at Superdogs. She also qualified for the Senior Classic final at Dogs In Need. Which just goes to prove you should never write off your dog too soon.

2003 News Fox has continued to enjoy her now favourite past time of agility. She has managed to get a couple of top five placings in Senior Agility. I have just started to run her in the pairs with Mark Wassel's Rags (Tidespring Black Price), although she doesn't like Rags much, she absolutely adores running with him. The feeling is mutual, Rags is a little on the steady side, but becomes quite excited when they run after each other. We have to be quick to grab our dogs when we exchange the baton.

2004 News Fox is now 7 and half years old and although whilst still enjoying it I'm not sure how mcuh longer I will continue to run her on full height. She has real problems with big spreads, which we do try to avoid. I think her injuries and arthritus may be catching up with her. We will wait and see how she goes over the next season, but with the amount of any size jumping classes available she will still get her runs.

2005 News I have decided to retire Fox from KC competitions as I don't believe it's good for her health to continue competing at full height. She continues to compete at UK Agility as she can compete in the 24" group. She is doing really well and she is only a few points off moving into the Championship category. Maybe next year when the KC drop the heights of the maximum height she will be able to continue competing. Fox has achieved her Champion Level in the Performance catagory at the UK Agility events. 2007 News Fox has gained many good places at the UKA shows and has continued to get the odd rosette at KC shows too. At UKA she got enough points to go into the Champion Steeplechase events. Unfortunately time is catching up with her and although she enjoys agility still she has seemed to be struggling more and more so with her being 11 next month I have decided to retire her. She will continue to do casual/any size/veteran classes for the moment and I will be taking her once a month to enjoy her favourite past time, swimming!! At our hydrotherapy pool. She just loves it there and cries and bounces around to get it!! The only one of my dogs to do that!!