Advanced Dog Neeko has competed in many of the top finals during her career, including Pedigree Chum Novice Grand National twice, Pedigree Chum Gamblers and Advanced Power and Speed. She qualified for Olympia but was unable to compete as her son had got a higher place in the qualifier. Neeko was also a member of Beacon's flyball team which won at Crufts one year. She has an exeptional temperament, loving everybody she meets and being far too intelligent for her own good. She has passed this quality on to her pups. She has had only one litter..but what a great litter it turned out to be! Out of the 6 pups she had, 3 became advanced dogs; 2 senior. Her two most well known are my own Macgiver and Jo Rhodes' Moravia Red October. Both dogs were in the team which went to Portugal in 2001 to represent the UK at the World Championships.

2002 NEWS! Neeko has continued her retirement in style by winning four veteran classes. She must be veteran of my household. She has at last found Neeko sends her congratulations to her son Macgiver at been the 3rd Best dog in the World Championship Agility.

2003 News Neeko still continues in getting top six places in Veteran/any size jumping classes. She is still as fast es ever, if it wasn't for the fact that she is so clumsy and always knocking poles over I would have continued to compete at full height. However I didn't want her to get any injuries from hitting poles that could cause more arthritus than neccessary. She was very proud when her daughter, Kelbie, and nephew Spectre were part of the team that became the World Champions.

2004 News Neeko has just reached her 12th Birthday, she is starting to look old but when she does her agility she is still as fast as ever. There is no dog in my house that plays as much as she does, she never stops. She is my great girl. Our relationship seems to have approved with age, just like great wine. Neeko sends her congratulations to daughter Kelbie for winning the Challenge Certificate at Scunthorpe and her son, Mac, for taking the reserve. We wish Kelbie all the best in her attempt to obtain the last CC that will make her an Agility Champion.

2005 News Neeko is still enjoying her occasional runs in any size jumping and Veteran classes. This will be her last year competing at shows and will probably only mess around in tunnels when I retire her completely at the end of the year. At 13 I need to make sure she doesn't injure herself and as she is getting weaker in her back end, its more important that she can still come for walks with me and the rest of the gang. 2007 News Neeko is now over 15 years old and has been my constant companion for all those years. Unfortunately time has caught up with her and she has been diagnosed with severe kidney failure. She only has weeks left but we will treasure these last few weeks with her. On Monday 26th March I made that dreadful decision to have her put to sleep, she had lost her dignity and I knew it was time to let her go. As the sun was shining down on us I knew that heaven had opened its doors for her. She will be greatly missed, she was one in a million and my best friend. Sleep well old girl you will never be forgotten.