Woodsorrel Spectre

Advanced Dog

Available at stud to hip scored and eye tested bitches Eye Tested - Clear Hips 5:5 Spectre is my up and coming young star. He made it into advanced in his 2nd year of competition. Spec has qualified for various finals since he began agility. His most sucessful so far was his 2nd place in the Pedigree Chum Senior Classic in 2001. We were also members of the Derwent Valley Team when we gained 2nd in the Crufts Team and Pedigree Chum Team Relay finals in 2001. He has qualified for the 2002 Pedigree Chum Power and Speed final at his first attempt. He has a lovely temperament, both with people and dogs, and learns very quickly anything you attempt with him. He is a very dark red and white. He has recently been used at stud; please e-mail for more details if interested.

2002 NEWS! Spec has had a very successful year (2002). He has been in the winning Crufts team and Pedigree Chum Team Relay. He has won his and my first challenge certificate. He was part of the winning pairs for the Agility Club Knockout Pairs and at Superdogs he won the Advanced Final. He also go 2nd in the Pedigree Chum Power & Speed final. AND he has also sired his first litter of two puppies and a further litter of 6 pups, 2 of which have gone to Ireland - we wish them luck.

2003 NEWS! A fantastic year for Spec. He won the Pedigree Chum Gamblers final and achieved 2nd in the Power and Speed final. He has qualified as a member of the Derwent Valley Team for the Crufts Team Final and Pedigree Chum Team Relay. We were members of the winning team in the Crufts Team 2003 final. With Kelbie, he got 5th in the Agility Voice Knockout Pairs final. He has also got a Reserve Challenge Certificate. Latest news - Spec has also qualified for the World Championships to be held in France in September. He qualified top of the class with 4 clear rounds. He will be representing Great Britain in the team and the singles...We can't wait!

LATEST 2003 NEWS! Spec has had a fantastic time at the 2003 World Championships in France. He managed an amazing 4 out of 4 clear rounds enabling him to achieve an 8th overall place in the individual event. But by far the most spectacular result was being part of the Great British Team that became the Standard Team World Champions for 2003. It was a fantastic experience and I am so proud of Spec. Well done also to Jo Rhodes and Moravia Red October (my own Mac's litter sister) and Toni Lock and Whizz for being part of that great team.

News for 2004 Spectre was again part of the Derwent Valley that qualified for Crufts 2004, unfortunately we couldn't make it three years in a row. Never mind can't win them all, but Spectre did produce a lovely clear to his credit. Spectre and his pairs partner, Jo Rhodes and Ci, have qualified for the Pedigree Chum Pairs Relay final. They achieved this by winning one of the first heats, this was much better than last year when we left it till the last heat. Spec has gone lame and is suffering from an unknown injury, hopefully it will get sorted out shortly. The vets believe its either a knee injury or a sliped disk. He is on strict rest for a few more weeks. Spec has now recovered from his leg injury and has re-started his agility. He won his first class the Power and Speed qualifier and gained a 7th place in the Ped Chum qualifier. I am so happy to be able to run Spec again and it's just an added bonus that he also won. We are keep our fingers crossed that the 7th place will be good enough to qualify for the Ped Chum Semi Finals. Spec has qualified to be a member of the Great British Team for his 2nd year. He achieved third place in the standard dogs after producing four clear rounds. This is my fourth consecutive year that I have been part of the Great British World Championship team, which is a record I am incredibly proud of. Spec had a great time in Italy at the World Champs. We got three great runs but we were unfortunate in obtaining an elimination in my final individual agility. Oh well can't win them all, next year!

News for 2005 Spec has qualified for the Kennel Club/Pedigree Chum semi's at his first attempt. We are keeping our fingers crossed that Spec qualifies this year. Spectre was part of the Derwent Valley Team that won the Team Agility competition this year at Crufts, we were even luckier that our run was shown on television. This is the third time that we have won this competition. Quite a result. Spec and his pairs partner Qui, with Jo Rhodes have qualified for the Ped Chum Pairs Final in September. Lets hope we do better this year at the final than we have done in previous years. Spectre has again qualified for the Agility World Championships in Spain this year. After achieving three out of three clears rounds we qualified to compete in the individual event. This will be Spec's third year at the World Championships and I am so proud of him and his record. Spec has qualified for the KC Olympia final in December, this will be his first appeareance at this final. I just know he will enjoy the large areana where he will be able to stretch his legs. Spec had an amazing two runs in Spain at the 2005 Agility World Championships. As someone said, he was on fire, he flew round both courses and after a very testing final agility run he gained 5th place in the Standard Individual competition. Spectre really enjoyed his run at Olympia and although he unfortunately had the spread jump down, he otherwise didn't put a paw wrong. We look forward to being able to compete their next year. News for 2006 Spec has been mated to Lesley Olden's young black and white bitch Dot, aka Waggerland Whirlwind, the pups are due during the last week of March. As I will be having one from this litter I am very excited, at last I will having a puppy from Spectre. Fingers crossed she has lots of puppies and maybe even some red pups. The pups were born on the 25th March 2006, no red pups though! Dot had 9 puppies, 8 girls and 1 boy!

News for 2007 Spec was injured for much of 2006 but I'm hoping for a better year in 2007, we have started swimming at a Canine Hydrotherapy Centre, so far its looking good. At his fist UKA show of the year he got enough points to gain his CAP. we have only needed a clear in a jumping class but it took awhile!! At Ribble, his first KC show of the year, he and his pairs partner Qui run by Jo Rhodes, won the Pedigree Chum Pairs qualifier. It will be a few months before we get chance at another qualifier so we will be concentrating on the Team event at Crufts in March! Well we got a lovely clear at Crufts but unfortunately after my Cody, with his handler Shaun, had a pole down we weren't fast enough to qualify. Spec has successfully been mated to Sharon and Dave Alderson's Waggerland Spice. So we hope that it will produce a lovely litter. The scan that they took of Spice is showing lots of Spice/Spec Dots!! Lots and Lots from the look of it!! Roll on May when they are due!! At Dashing Dogs Spec won the Celebration Gamblers class, so he qualified for the final, he also got two third places and an 8th in the Power and Speed class. He is a little old now for the speed of that class!! Well he will be 9 on Saturday!! Spec Qualified for the Superdogs final at our show Beacon. His pups were born on the 14/05/07, seven in total. 4 girls and 3 boys. 3 red girls and 2 red boys and the other 2 are black and white! We wish them the best.

2009 News Spec retired last year due to hurting his leg again, he now competes at any size and veteran classes and still as fast as ever. I do miss running him but his daughter Wych is sooooo like her dad:) He still loves swimming every week though and his hoping if Spice ever comes into season again!! To go and stop with her for a weekend break! THe pups from the last litter are going so well and are fabulous dogs that we hope she does come into season and that there is a red dog for me!!