Advanced Dog

Mac has had an amazing career, winning into Advanced within a year. He has competed at Crufts and Olympia on many occasions. Together, we have won the Pedigree Chum Advanced Classic Final twice and he won the last Beta final. He has competed in and been placed in the top 3 of the Pedigree Chum Gamblers and Advanced Power and Speed finals. Mac and his sister Kelbie have twice won the Agility Voice Knockout pairs final. In 2000 we were invited to compete in Norway with four other handlers. Our finest hour must have been when we qualified to compete at the World Championships in Portugal in 2001; the first time the UK have sent a team. In 2001 he won around 21 classes; not bad for a dog that is semi retired. Mac is a very special dog. He overcame surgery on his leg at 12 months old and went on to have an extremely successful agility career. He is proof that anything is possible. He really is a dog of a lifetime and a very great friend!

2002 NEWS! Mac has had a very good year. He has qualified to compete at Olympia and the World Championships in Germany; his second year in a row for the World Championship which is an incredible achievement. He also won the Pedigree Chum Gamblers final. Mac finished the year off in style, we went to Germany to compete in the World Championship individual event and we had a tremedous result. We got 3rd in the World, it was an amazing experience one that I will never forget. I was so proud of Mac for achieving this, for becoming the first dog from Great Britain to achieve a final place on the podium. Then to top it all we got 2nd in the Pedigree Chum Final at Olympia, I had never reached the final before so I was overjoyed that my special dog had don so much for me over just a few months. It was definitely his year, I decided that it was going to be his last attempt at the World Championships. After such success, and his age, I wanted him to stay at the top. Anyway I have his younger nephew, Spectre, to take up his role.

2003 NEWS! Mac competed in the Singles Agility at Crufts, for the first time I qualified for the Final agility round. We got good results in both the agility and circular Knockout final. We were asked on the day to compete in the international event. Mac really enjoyed this and obtained 2nd in the first round and 1st in the 2nd round. This made us the overall winners of the International event at Crufts. Another remarkable achievement for my old man. Mac continues to work successfully. He qualified for Pedigree Chum Power and Speed and achieved 6th in the final. He has also qualified for the Pedigree Chum Pairs Relay Final with his sister Kelbie. On his first attempt, he qualified for Olympia; his 4th visit there. At Olympia Mac got a great 3rd in the invitational Power and Speed class, but unfortunately in the semi final Mac had the second pole down. It was unfortunate but after his success last year Mac can do no wrong in my eyes. We blasted round the rest of the course having great fun, later getting eliminated, well you never concentrate as much as you do if your going clear.

2004 NEWS Mac qualified for the Singles Agility to be held at Crufts. He got great result in the semi final heats, he won the circular knockout and got 3rd in the Singles agility. He has always loved going to Crufts not only does he get to do his favourite pastime of agility, with the new carpet at Crufts he can now do it well, but he also loves all the attention from all the people. He really is just a big cuddly teddy bear. Mac has just achieved his 1st reserve challenge certificate, I am extremely proud of him. He really deserves it. It was his sister Kelbie that took the ticket, so it was a real family affair. Kelbie has now got two challenge certificates, so we wish her all the best in achieving the 3rd which will give her the deserved title of Agility Champion. Mac has recently won the Gamblers class at Nottingham which has qualified him for the final in July. Mac has qualified for Olympia 2004, I am really pleased as he will be ten years old by then. This will probably be his last outing there so we will be determined to have fun and enjoy ourselves. Mac had a great time at Olympia, we made the final eight that competed in the final in the evening. We achieved 4th Overall. This was a great achievement as it was his last final.

2005 News Mac is still competing in the standard classes at KC shows but I do intend to retire him in August. He is still going very well and is getting some places in the classes he runs, but at nearly eleven I want to make sure he is around for many more years to come. In the few Veteran classes he has run he has done very well, he has won and qulaified for the IT Barks Veteran Jumping Final. We won't be able to attend but I'm still proud of him. I shall miss competing with him but I'm sure he will do very well in his full time role of Teddy Bear.