Litter One

Spectre sired his first litter in early 2002. The mother of this litter is also a Woodsorrel dog owned by Spectre's breeder Carol Blakiston. Mulberry had only two pups both male. Spider is owned by Dave Hurst and Jasper is owned by Steve Law, who trains at my own club Beacon. These two pups were eye tested clear at six weeks.

Litter Two Spec sired his second litter of six puppies to a lovely red white bitch called Marmite, she is owned by my friend Heidi Lawrence. We had four dogs and two bitches. Two of these have gone to Ireland, where we wish them the best of luck in their agility careers. These pups were eye tested clear at six weeks.

Grandpups Spectre's son from the above litter mated Heidi Lawrence's red merle bitch, accidently, but produced a lovely litter of red and white's and red merle puppies. These pups were eye and hearing tested clear at six weeks.

Litter Three Born on the 26th March 2004. Chiko produced three girls and two boys. Two are Sable/White, two black/white and possibly one dark red/white. These pups have been eye-tested clear at six weeks.

September 2004 Litter 4 Spec has just been mated to a lovely Tri Blue Merle called Echo. Born on the 14th November 2004 Echo had 6 boys and 1 girl. The girl is black and white and the boys are one red and white, two black and white, two blue merle's and a red merle.

Litter 5 Spec was mated to Lesley Oldens Waggerland Whirlwind, aka Dot, she produced 9 puppies on the 25th March 2006. All black and white, 8 girls and 1 boy!

Check back soon for puppy pics.