Nedlo Wych One Now's Bio


I went to see the pups at 5 weeks and after a good many hours and sleeping on the decision, I managed to choose her.

Check out her photo gallery to see which one I choose. I will bring her home when she is 7 weeks. So only a few more weeks of peace and quite!

Well she has been home for 3 weeks and I love her to bits already. She is a really nice dog with such a great personality. She is now best mates with my Sheltie, Indy. He is of great help in wearing her out so she will sleep!! All the dogs get on with her really well and put up with quite a lot! She is very bright and loves to play. She loves her food and thankfully looks like she will keep a slim figure just like her dad.

Wych is now five months old and she is really growing up. She loves to cuddle up on the couch, when she is not doing that she is usually racing around with Indy. She is very clever and is picking up her basic commands really well, she is growing long legs now and should easily make the standard class, after a few people were saying she would be medium!!!!

22/11/06 Wych is nearly 8 months old, I don't think it will be long before she has her first season. Her personality is undergoing certain changes and I've even seen one of our boys flirting with her and she was quite interested!!! She continues in her basic agility training, she's already mad about tugging and will play and stay focused in almost every environment. Although at her first indoor show she wasn't that happy!! But it was very noisy and I'm sure with time and me working on her focus at these venues she will be fine. I have already done my basic training with her on the flat. Which includes heel work on the left and right, waits, recalls, retrieves, walking backwards, she will give her left and right paws, wrapping round cones, front and rear crosses on the flat and target training. I'm sure there is more that I haven't mentioned! As I have done the above I am happy to start her basic agility training. This includes nailing her waits! Very important for me to get ahead of my dog on the course!! She has learned to go through both the tunnels and to run between wings (pole on the floor) before and after tunnels. We have been training two jumps in a straight line (poles on the floor)and have been doing front crosses and we have just started her rear crosses. Our friend has some wide ramps at her training venue, one looks like a short, low and wide dog walk down plank and the other looks like a short, low aframe.

So we have been doing a few weeks of target training on these. She thoroughly enjoys target training and will leap into the air to target if i'm holding her target!! It may sound alot but her training started when she arrived and she only gets short sessions. I don't over do her training as I want to keep her keen and she is still only a baby. She does fly of the start line though when I release her!! She won't do any more than the above until the new year when she is nearly 10 months old, then I will do a bit more. But only a bit!! 16/01/07 Wych's target training is progressing really well. I have just started putting her target at the bottom of the stairs, she loves this game and will target accurately even with distractions and varying my position. We are continuing to target on my friends ramps at her training venue.

Last night she was targeting with incredible focus even with 4 dogs and handlers racing over equipment right next to her!! At one point she came away from her target but instantly realised that I had not released her, so she walked backwards onto the ramp and continued to nose touch her target!!! It was great to see her do this as it shows a great understanding of what I'm teaching her! This is all great training for when I begin her low height A-frame training. 25/01/07 Wych is now 10 months old I have just put the pole, on the few jumps she does, onto the feet of the jump. I was surprised that when she did the short sequence how much faster she went! She obviously enjoys having to work a bit harder and it has increased her drive!! Much to my joy!! I will begin her low A-frame training next month, so that will be exciting for both of us!

22/03/07 With only a few days left till she is a year old!!! Can you believe how time rushes by!! Well she is going to start training on a full height Aframe from next week. We will back train it so that I can make it as simple as possible for her to do it correctly. She has been doing great low aframe contacts to a disk so now its time to raise it. Her sequencing is coming along really well and she is showing lots of interest in agility. The jumps are now on the small height. 10/04/07 Well she has done 2/3 sessions with the Aframe on full height. I did start to back train it but she ran up it on her own and targeted beautifully at the end. So we now just train the whole thing. I have done 2/3 sessions with her on a baby/low dog walk. I am just getting her to race over this to try and encourage speed. I will do a few more sessions before I backtrain a full height dog walk with her targeting at the end. She is continuing with her sequencing and is coming along nicely. I will start her v weave training at some point towards the end of May time when she reaches 14 months. Hopefully by then her dog walk will be coming along nicely.

2009 News Well its been a while since I updated her page! She has just made it into Grade 6, she won her way steadily through the grades last year. She won her first grade 3 class in June and at the same time she won 3 classes. She had to wait awhile for her fist grade 4 shwo and she got some good place but as it was the end of the season it was her first indoor winter show that she won her grade 4 agility class. Then at the beginning of this year she won into grade 6. At the same show we also qualified for the Pedigree Trek pairs final with Jo Rhodes and Ti - not sure how as we had quite a few goes at course before we got a time! Wych has been hip scored at 6/7 and DNA tested clear for TNS and a carrier of CEA, so she is ready for her planned mating in two years.