Agility Champion Obay Truly Driven

Grade 7 DOB 05/05/05

I decided on the Sable White boy. He is a great pup with loads of confidence, we will just have to wait and see how he matures.

Photos and more info will be added shortly. Indy is now 4 months old and is turning into a very handsome young man. He is learning lots of tricks and is a joy to live with. He has a great personality and is so enthusiastic about everything. Indy sends his best wishes to his half sister Zen and her handler Bernadette Bay, for the World Championships in Spain this year. Indy is now nearing 8 months old and he has a super personality. He is great to live with and keeps all the collies on their toes!

We have started our agility training and although we are only on the basics he is really enjoying it and showing loads of potential. Indy would like to congratulate his sister Zen on her win at Olympia, his hoping that he will turn out just like her! So am I!! Indy is 16 months old now and his agility training is coming on in leaps and bounds. I can't wait to start competing with him. He is incredibly enthusiastic about his agility and does everything at 100 miles an hour. I am keeping my fingers crossed that he has successful career. Whatever happens though he is going to be incredibly good fun to run!

On the 18th November 2006 Indy had his first Agility Show at Newton Heath. Both of our runs were first in the ring. We ran our Small Novice Agility first and although my legs felt like jelly, he did a brilliant run. We then went and did our Small Novice Jumping and this time I felt more relaxed and really enjoyed my run with him. He flew round and got a brilliant weave entry. We were overjoyed to win both classes making him senior at his first show, within an hour of his first competition!!! To top it all Hex, Indy's sister, run by Bernadette got 2nd in both classes. A great start to what hopefully will be a great career for both of them!! I can't wait to run him at his next show. His such good fun! I will continue to practice his weave entries, opposite ends of tunnels, speed up his dog walk and see-saw (although after his first show he does seem to have moved up a gear!! Although I will be making sure we don't lose his contacts!!) We will continue to to go through our paces generally.

Indy has had his rabies injection and blood test so we are just waiting to find out if he can be issued with his passport. We are looking forward to trying out for the World Champs next year (barring injury or a change to the qualifying structure!). If we qualify that would be great but the aim is to get experience anything else would be a bonus. He now has his pet passport and is ready to travel aboard as soon as I am fortunate to qualify for the WC! Check back in a couple of weeks to see how he does at his 2nd show. At his 2nd show he won an open jumping class. At UKA he has now progressed from beginners to Novice in the performance events. At his first KC show of the year he won and qualified for the KC Small qualifier. So we will be trying our best in September to qualify for Olympia! He is also half way to advanced, only two more to go then I can run the Champ classes! Well at Newton Heath he won the small jumping so we are down to one agility win to make advanced. We didn't get that win at Chippneham but we did get a lovely 2nd and 3rd. The class he got 2nd in was won by his sister Hex and Bernadette. That win put them into grade 6. So any dissapointment that we didn't win was overshadowed by happiness that his sister got the win.

We have a UKA show coming up so we are hoping to get 6 points to win him out of beginners Steeplechase. Well at the Scrambles UKA show he won into Novice steeplchase, he also won enough points to take him into Senior performance events!! At that show both Indy and his sister Hex and his half sister and brother Zen and Chi AND his kennel mate Cody qualified for the Royal Canin final to be held at the UKA show at the end of June!!! How fabulous is that!! After that he has to take a back seat whilst we do some big dog only shows!! I bet he won't be pleased!! But we do have Dashin Dogs easter show to look forward to.

Well at Dashing Dogs he won his final agility class on the saturday to take him into Advanced/Grade 7!! He then went onto win 3 more Jumping classes and 2 more agility classes!! What a star he is, roll on the Champ classes! At our show, Beacon, he won the Superdogs Agility so we have qualified for the final in October. Only 2 weeks till his first Champ class!! Looking forward to regardless of what happens. Indy has now moved up into the senior steeplechase and Champ UKA Performance class. He also won the UKA Royal Canin final by 2 secs!!! He then went to Rugby and won ALL the Champ classes and succeeding in getting his first Agility CC!! Only 3 to go! Then 2 days later he qualfied for the World Champs in Norway!!!! At just only 2 years of age he has qualified for the World Champs, got his first ticket and has won his first final!! What a star he is!!

At Weardale he got his 2nd ticket which was 2 in one week!! At Agility Club we qualified our small Beacon team for Crufts 2008. Bernadette and Hex won their first ever champ class!! Go the OBAY's!! At UKA week Indy won the UKA National finals, he was such a good boy as he also won round 1 and 2!! We then went to KC Festival and Indy won the Kennel Club British Small Open, and qualified for Crufts in another event! At DIN he got 2nd in the small 6-7 Classic final. Then the biggest ahievement was winning the small champ class, this was his 3rd ticket which made him up into a Champion!!!! Yeah!! He must be the youngest champion at only 2 years and 3 months old!

200 News Since the above Indy won the Champ class at Crufts and then got a further 3 CC last year. He has also competed at the FCI WOrld Champs twice, last year we got a 2nd in the Jumping and if it hadn't been for that pole in the agility we would have got the individual gold! But we didn't come home empty handed as we got 3rd in the team event. We didn't get to Olympia as he fell off the see-saw in the qualifying event:( We are going to be competing at Crufts in 3 events this year. We hope to get to Olympia this year and we will be trying for the European Open, IFCS and the FCI. Got to live life whilst we can, I realised this after his lovely sister Hex passed away last year. Still missed but never forgotten by everyone who knew her.